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This is my day. Spent 5 hours working really hard on something. The computer goes funny. I call the helpdesk. They delete all my work . They are idiots. Then I sit through a 2 hour meeting where someone used a lot of process maps to say how someone would look at out internet site. REALLY. That's my life? Please shoot me.

Or not. Life seems a lot cheerier now I'm home and relaxing with some good tunes. Also I'm still  working my way through all the clips from the con and making squeaky noises at how cute everyone is. Thanks to everyone who has been putting them up and I'm glad to hear people had a great time.

So [profile] abouttwoboys is almost over and there were so many great stories that I really wanted to add them to the rec lists (along with some other fantastic new stories) and I thought I might as well use the time to share the love on a few older stories whilst I'm at it. As per usual, you've probably read them all but it would be cool if you find one or two new ones to like.

I'm currently working on the whole big bang thing. I'm determined I'm gonna do it (although posting just a snippet yesterday was pretty scary) and seeing some of the other quotes has made me really really excited to see those fics.  I bet I turn into such a squeeing fangirl over some of them. So, if you don't see any recs or anything from me for a while, that's why.

I hope you're all good :-)


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