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A while ago I put out a request for Jensen/Wentworth Miller fics because YUMMY. But oh noes! Turns out there really aren't that many.

So because she's wonderful, [profile] siubhlach wrote me some and you should all go read it. It's called 'In Pursuit Of Seduction' and you can find it here. Warnings for teh sexing, Jensen in makeup and delightfully toppy Wentworth.

How is everyone today?

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because, seriously, just how adorable can that man get? Infinity adorable. Yup. The videos coming out of the Fangoria con are making me giggle and squee like a 13 yr old. And Sandy was wearing a Jensen shirt. Did anyone else's brain go straight to threesome?

So - how are you all doing? I'm happy because, for a change, I have a purry fur bundle on my lap rather than a psychotic fluffball of fury. Woo hoo.

So far 2008 shaping up to be amazing fic wise. There have already been so many excellent & epic J2 fics. So this is recs for new stuff you've probably all read but I wanted to squee about anyway, plus some fantastic older stories. I'll add these into the main posts.

And, as if everything weren't good enough - I got new shoes. Yay. They're really cute Emily the Strange t-bars.

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Hey all. How's it going?

I'm having a nice relaxing weekend, finally watching Prison Break. It's all much more exciting and enjoyable that I thought it would be...and I think I may be getting a small crush on Wentworth. Doh! I think I need to read lots of Wentworth/Jensen fic now, because that would be just awesome. Anyone know of any? Or feel like writing any (hint, hint)?

And how good has the last month or so been for awesome J2 fics? I feel positively spoiled. So I thought I'd rec all the great new stuff along with a few stories that I've recently (and thankfully) be pointed to and older fics I loved but had accidentally left out. As per usual, I'll add these to the main lists.

A big thank you to [profile] rockthelink who pointed me to the Football!verse. I may have missed out on such an fabulous story if not for you - so thanks :-)

Catch me up - tell me how you guys are doing!


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