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So, thanks to RL stuff, not only am I way behind on fic reading, I'm also late in reccing fics...lol as you can see.

j2 fic recs under here )

I'll add these to the main lists next week.

Recs ahoy

Aug. 3rd, 2009 04:38 pm
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So many fics to read. So little time. I haven’t read nearly as many [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang fics as I’ve wanted to. The sum total of Sam/Dean fics that I’ve read has been 3! Lame. That said, I loved each of them (The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride, Always You, without time or space and Crush). All very different and all enjoyable in very different ways save for the fact that I think they’re well written. I’ve read more J2 fics because that’s my fandom bag and, man, they’re making me happy. As are all the non big bang fics. In fact, I’m in a happy little fic reading bubble.

Hence the recs now, as my list of stories that I wanted to go YAY about has gotten pretty long.

J2 fic recs [+ 1 J3 & one Jensen/Jeff] )
I’ll add the AU, getting together & illness and injury recs to the updated master-posts. The rest will have to wait until those are in the new improved format too.

J2 Recs

Nov. 28th, 2008 05:08 pm
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This set of recs took a little longer than intended and ended up being pretty long, but I'm not going to complain that there are so many great J2 fic writers out there :D

Some are new. Some are old. I'll add them in to the main lists over the weekend.

Under here )

Happy weekend!
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Man, it feels like ages since I last did a recs post. Probably because I spent way too much time reading all the good fic from big bang. So here are some fics you've all probably already read plus a couple of older ones. As per usual, I'll add them to the main posts. 

I had to split the au list into three because there so many good fics. Still, what a pain when lj hates me. Does anyone know how to change an lj cut without messing everything up?

There are trillion more fics from there that I want to rec, but that will have to wait for the next time as I do believe I've reached my typing limit. 

Happy Tuesday :D
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Ooh. Not long now till [profile] spn_j2_bigbang. That will give us at least 40000 words a day of Sam/Dean & Jensen/Jared joy a day. Awesome.

To tide myself over, I've been re-reading some older fics & enjoying lots of new ones, so here's some recs of the things I've read. I know you'll have read them, but I feel like pimping. As per usual, I'll add them to the themed lists.

How are you all doing today? I'm sleepy.

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This is my day. Spent 5 hours working really hard on something. The computer goes funny. I call the helpdesk. They delete all my work . They are idiots. Then I sit through a 2 hour meeting where someone used a lot of process maps to say how someone would look at out internet site. REALLY. That's my life? Please shoot me.

Or not. Life seems a lot cheerier now I'm home and relaxing with some good tunes. Also I'm still  working my way through all the clips from the con and making squeaky noises at how cute everyone is. Thanks to everyone who has been putting them up and I'm glad to hear people had a great time.

So [profile] abouttwoboys is almost over and there were so many great stories that I really wanted to add them to the rec lists (along with some other fantastic new stories) and I thought I might as well use the time to share the love on a few older stories whilst I'm at it. As per usual, you've probably read them all but it would be cool if you find one or two new ones to like.

I'm currently working on the whole big bang thing. I'm determined I'm gonna do it (although posting just a snippet yesterday was pretty scary) and seeing some of the other quotes has made me really really excited to see those fics.  I bet I turn into such a squeeing fangirl over some of them. So, if you don't see any recs or anything from me for a while, that's why.

I hope you're all good :-)
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Hey all. How's it going?

I'm having a nice relaxing weekend, finally watching Prison Break. It's all much more exciting and enjoyable that I thought it would be...and I think I may be getting a small crush on Wentworth. Doh! I think I need to read lots of Wentworth/Jensen fic now, because that would be just awesome. Anyone know of any? Or feel like writing any (hint, hint)?

And how good has the last month or so been for awesome J2 fics? I feel positively spoiled. So I thought I'd rec all the great new stuff along with a few stories that I've recently (and thankfully) be pointed to and older fics I loved but had accidentally left out. As per usual, I'll add these to the main lists.

A big thank you to [profile] rockthelink who pointed me to the Football!verse. I may have missed out on such an fabulous story if not for you - so thanks :-)

Catch me up - tell me how you guys are doing!
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How are you all doing? I've got the Monday blahs. And, fabulously, a twitch in my right eye that wont go away. Can someone please gouge it out with a spoon? My eye that is...

There's been some really great new fics lately that I wanted to rec and yet again I'm having to add in older stories that I forgot to include before. Looking at the list I've no idea why because they're stories that I love...

Seriously. It's driving me nuts. I'll even give you the spoon....

And is it me, or is 'Different Kind of Knight' the best Kane song ever? Seriously can't stop listening to it.
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I can't believe I forgot to include these. Doh! I'm gonna add them in to the main rec posts.

Recs... )

And to finish off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [personal profile] d_moonchild

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So once again I have recs of stories that kick ass. This time it's for either Jensen or Jared with the rugged and handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jensen or Jared with JDM fic recs )

There are probably (hopefully) loads more great fics in these categories, but I can't seem to find them. Feel free to point the way.....
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Hello nobody as I have no lj friends yet  :-(

I've been lurking for a while reading lots of great fics and though if I can't write anything, the least I can do is big up those who can...so like lots of other people I shall share the fic love and create some recs lists.

This may all go horribly wrong as I have no idea how to use this magic box...let alone try any fancy linking trickery, but here goes....

J3 recs )

I've deliberately left out the DeathKnell verse by [livejournal.com profile] nilchance and [livejournal.com profile] beanside because at the minute that's Jared/Jeff with a side of Jensen, but I love it and if I ever do an AU recs list that would be there.

Hope no one minds me linking to their stuff & that I haven't breached any lj etiquette..


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