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So, thanks to RL stuff, not only am I way behind on fic reading, I'm also late in reccing fics...lol as you can see.

j2 fic recs under here )

I'll add these to the main lists next week.
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Thank you everyone for your kind messages. They're always appreciated.

Oh man, it's been so long since I posted any recs. To be fair, real life [and Adam Lambert ♥] kind of got in the way. So you've all probably read these already, but it never hurts to go YAY WRITERS, plus I'm a completist that wants these fics in the main rec lists (which I'll hopefully update on Sunday).

recs under here )

On a totally different topic, who else is excited for the first night of Glam Nation?
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Ooops. It seems like my Adam Lambert obsession made me forget I had a list of Jared/Jensen fics to rec, so once again this has gotten a little longer than intended.You've all probably read these by now, but I'm reccing them anyway because the authors are fabulous :D

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I'll add them into the main lists over the weekend.

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1. My evil twin, [livejournal.com profile] siubhlach , wrote me super-hot j3 smut as a birthday gift which is just awesome. You can admire it here. I must go make more squeaky noises over it.

2. dorkface Padalecki )

3. Comedy model pose Jensen )

4. Pretty Jensen )

5. Kitties singing joy-joy-joy )

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because, seriously, just how adorable can that man get? Infinity adorable. Yup. The videos coming out of the Fangoria con are making me giggle and squee like a 13 yr old. And Sandy was wearing a Jensen shirt. Did anyone else's brain go straight to threesome?

So - how are you all doing? I'm happy because, for a change, I have a purry fur bundle on my lap rather than a psychotic fluffball of fury. Woo hoo.

So far 2008 shaping up to be amazing fic wise. There have already been so many excellent & epic J2 fics. So this is recs for new stuff you've probably all read but I wanted to squee about anyway, plus some fantastic older stories. I'll add these into the main posts.

And, as if everything weren't good enough - I got new shoes. Yay. They're really cute Emily the Strange t-bars.

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So once again I have recs of stories that kick ass. This time it's for either Jensen or Jared with the rugged and handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jensen or Jared with JDM fic recs )

There are probably (hopefully) loads more great fics in these categories, but I can't seem to find them. Feel free to point the way.....

Fic recs

Nov. 1st, 2007 11:43 am
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More fic recs for stories I like. This time they're ones that involve either one or both of the J2 boys with Christian Kane.

I think I've finally learned how to turn the fic title into a link......but computers and me aren't on the best of terms so it may all go horribly wrong :-) 

some or all of J2 with Chris Kane fic recs )

Again, let me know what you think or if there are any blinding errors.And please rec me anything you think I should read ;-)


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