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Aug. 3rd, 2009 04:38 pm
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So many fics to read. So little time. I haven’t read nearly as many [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fics as I’ve wanted to. The sum total of Sam/Dean fics that I’ve read has been 3! Lame. That said, I loved each of them (The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride, Always You, without time or space and Crush). All very different and all enjoyable in very different ways save for the fact that I think they’re well written. I’ve read more J2 fics because that’s my fandom bag and, man, they’re making me happy. As are all the non big bang fics. In fact, I’m in a happy little fic reading bubble.

Hence the recs now, as my list of stories that I wanted to go YAY about has gotten pretty long.

J2 fic recs [+ 1 J3 & one Jensen/Jeff] )
I’ll add the AU, getting together & illness and injury recs to the updated master-posts. The rest will have to wait until those are in the new improved format too.
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Huh. Seems like I haven't recced any new fic in ages. Which is sad because there's been so much good stuff (that you've probably already read) that this turned into a bit of a monster list. I'll add the AUs and first times into the new main lists over the weekend. The rest will just have to wait until later because my attention span is small and it will be big bang soon :)

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And in summary, coding is boring - so let me know if any of these are really really wrong :D

J2 Recs

Nov. 28th, 2008 05:08 pm
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This set of recs took a little longer than intended and ended up being pretty long, but I'm not going to complain that there are so many great J2 fic writers out there :D

Some are new. Some are old. I'll add them in to the main lists over the weekend.

Under here )

Happy weekend!
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My internet cut out for a couple of hours this morning and I went into complete withdrawal panic mode. It was so sad.

But on the cheerful front, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] ulysses3_de. I hope you have a truly fantastic day hon.

And how good is [profile] abouttwoboys? I thought I'd rec some new & old stories that I love before I literally ended up typing a list of everything that's on that comm. As per usual, you've probably read them all...but they're so good I can't help myself. I'll add them in to the main lists.

So how are you all doing on this fine Sunday? Any news? Gossip? Random rants?

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Hello nobody as I have no lj friends yet  :-(

I've been lurking for a while reading lots of great fics and though if I can't write anything, the least I can do is big up those who like lots of other people I shall share the fic love and create some recs lists.

This may all go horribly wrong as I have no idea how to use this magic box...let alone try any fancy linking trickery, but here goes....

J3 recs )

I've deliberately left out the DeathKnell verse by [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside because at the minute that's Jared/Jeff with a side of Jensen, but I love it and if I ever do an AU recs list that would be there.

Hope no one minds me linking to their stuff & that I haven't breached any lj etiquette..


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