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Jun. 1st, 2009 05:31 pm
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The cat is currently not talking to me, but I'm going to wear her down. No one can resist fish-dangles-from-a-stick.

So my first con is now done and dusted. Possibly my favourite non-panel moment of the whole weekend happened when [personal profile] ulysses3_de and I were in the queue for our Winchester "squeeze" pics. Some woman and her kid went to stand between the two boys and the little girl took one look at them and ran to hide behind the table that all the photo-printing equipment was on. Jensen was all "now you've frightened her" to Jared, who then proceeded to do that really big laugh where he rocks back in his chair and claps his hands a lot. Then Jared gets up to try and comfort the girl but she ducks under the table. So of course Jared then has to duck under the table and just as he goes down, the little girl pops up the other side. By this point Jensen is killing himself laughing and saying to the bit of Jared sticking out "now you made her cry". Jensen then decides to jump up to the camera and start taking pictures of Jared and the hapless photographer who is trying to untangle the kid from the wires. The girl finally decides to completely run out of the room and Jared sits back down and says to Jensen "she probably saw My Bloody Valentine". :DDD

Jared is waaay prettier in the flesh. And Jensen is still ridiculously gorgeous even with bright red lasik eye. And they were both still TALLER than me even though they were sitting! Jensen said it was because they had stools which I'm taking it as meaning he thinks I'm not short and therefore it must be so :)

Despite the fact that Rogue Events (boo) did their damndest to ruin the thing and should not be allowed to run anything ever, the panels that I manages to see were all incredibly good fun and, man, Misha really is just THAT awesome. I'm really looking forward to catching the vids of the bits I missed though.

The guests were all really cool and it was obvious they were really trying to make it as good for the attendees as possible. In the autograph panels I managed to speak to pretty much everyone, even if it was briefly. Jared said that he'd only had three hours sleep on Saturday night as well as jetlag but that he'd be alright because he'd try to sleep on the plane. Jensen said that his eye was feeling good and the surgery wasn't painful and Misha instructed me that I shouldn't be a rule breaker when I didn't put down my thing to be signed fast enough and the staff lady got snippy with me.

In general everyone in attendance that I spoke to there was seriously cool (queuing is like war in that it creates camaraderie) and I loved that in Jensen's panel, when he mentioned Danneel, the crowd actually cheered for her and he seemed really pleased about that and said "yeah, love her". That felt like a pretty classy moment. Obviously a couple of people asking questions during the weekend were DUMB, but I think they were in the minority.

I've got to say, that I felt really bad for Jensen at the end of the con when he apologised for not doing his end panel because he was making sure everyone had gotten an autograph and pic. NOT HIS JOB OR FAULT.

And to make it even better, I got to spend the weekend with [ profile] siubhlach , [personal profile] ulysses3_de and [ profile] yehwellwhatever who all ROCK <3

I am now going to have the worlds bubbliest bubble bath and copious amounts of sleep and I hope that no one will mind if I leave catching up with you 'till later...


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