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I'm gonna be ignoring the elephant in my life for a while as my not-great coping mechanism. But I do want to give a quick THANK YOU to all of you for your messages ♥

So the crazy-peacock that is Adam Lambert hit the UK last weekend for some shows. Thanks to wise people like [livejournal.com profile] moorspede and [livejournal.com profile] dreamersdare, I decided I was still going to go. And I'm pretty sure that only thinking about the OMFG COLD and HOW DO I GET THERE and WHAT IS HIS VOICE and all that jazz was good for me.

This is a free-wheeling [read: rambling] and CAPS LOCK account of my time and because you are my flisters you are duty bound to read it or something. Ha.

I went the three shows: BIRMINGHAM, MANCHESTER & LONDON. And I had a meet and greet with Adam and the Manchester one. Below is the good half of our picture together. The other half was unfortunately ruined by MY FACE which could not decide what expression it wanted to be making. Probably six at once.


ISN'T HE PRETTY *insert dreamy sigh here* And UNBELIEVABLY HE LOOKED EVEN BETTER IN THE FLESH. Not possible! you say. But still somehow true. PLUS HE SMELLS LIKE CANDYFLOSS AND RAINBOWS.

The M&G was actually not AWKWARD at all like I'd feared. I'm so socially stunted that I presumed I'd just cry on him or something like a giant [well short] freak. Instead, after a most delightful hug, I rambled at him about what a great escape he's been for me during all the stuff I'm not talking about. Not much better, but I'm taking it as a dignity win on my part. And he was SO RIDICULOUSLY EARNESTLY SWEET about thanking me for letting him be that for me and how much he APPRECIATED getting to do that for someone and how he wasn't just a happy place he was a GAY PLACE and how he hoped I had a good time at the show yadda yadda yadda until I RAN AWAY. Only to be called back because the photo had been botched and we had to re do it. DAMN! A SECOND HUG!

[SIDE NOTE FOR THOSE NOT OBSESSIVELY FOLLOWING ADAM: the M&Gs are run by his younger brother Neil. Whilst Adam is a walking :D, Neil is a >:| and famous for it. But he was actually pretty nice and whilst waiting for the photo to be redone I had a random conversation with him about how it was okay for me to say I looked like I had Downes Syndrome in pictures but not okay for him to call people retarded. IDEK]

But as Adam caused me to confront the horror of my own face, I shall now post every picture I took that managed to SOMEHOW defy science and catch him looking all HERP DERP in Birmingham. REVENGE IS SWEET ADAM! Thank you crappy camera - ILU.




The Birmingham show was in a pretty small venue and the stage was teeny, so no WOLF/SKULL/BAR SEX backdrops which made me sad. BUT THEN I WAS PUSHED FORWARD TO THE SECOND ROW for justice or something. And I was happy again. After watching way too many youtubes of the show to be healthy, it was FUCKING WEIRD IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE to be seeing it in the flesh. My observations:



I know. I know. I should write reviews professionally or something.

Anyway, if Birmingham was great. The Manchester show was OMG AMAZING. It's strange because the show itself was exactly the same, but for this one Adam was in a happy/flaily/dirty mood that made him talk about 'loving filling voids' and telling us how pretty the boys in the audience were and even though he wasn't flirting with 99.9% of us we were still all ♥___♥ at him because the CHARM and the RIDICULOUSNESS just condense into this package of JOYFUL AWESOMENESS that makes glitter seem dull by comparison. 

Plus he gave us FLOORBERT, my true OTP!

gif by ninni1

And did I mention his voice?

Which was also in just as much effect at the final London show. I didn't have nearly as good a view for that one as I did for the other two, so it kind of became my default least favourite. But default least favourite in AdamLand still is a lady-boner, jizz everywhere kind of thing.

I will commemorate the Manchester show with the one vaguely decent pic I managed to take there.


OOOPS. I just realised I should be referring to him as GRAMMY NOMINATED SINGER ADAM :D

I only took one vid of GRAMMY NOMINATED SINGER ADAM LAMBERT and it's pretty shitty quality sound and vision wise, but you can see it here. Instead, over at [livejournal.com profile] hooplamagnet , they have vids by people with fancy-pants equipment: Birmingham vids are here, Manchester here and London here. Some of the WOOOOOOS you hear are me \o/ I'm probably still WOOOING now to be honest.

The pre-show experience for all three was an exercise in ENDURANCE [read COLD TORTURE]. I'm pretty sure the weather gods were laughing their asses off at the poor shlubs freezing outside each venue. Or at least I would if I were a malicious weather god. Which I then wouldn't believe in. Which...never mind.

But it did mean getting to spend quality queue shivering bonding time with some some truly lovely people like [livejournal.com profile] argeneau and [livejournal.com profile] jeyhawk,  as well as others whose lj names I don't know but at least we're twitter friends.

Post show involved hanging around the buses in a hopefully not INSANE STALKER kind of way and meeting MONTE PITTMAN [who also plays guitar for Madonna, lol and I still care about that less than Adam] and hugging TOMMY [good, but not an Adam level hugger. Tommy hugs a lot more passively lol] and seeing all the dancers and Isaac the tiny drummer and being socially awkward with nothing to say to them so backing away slowly. Followed by delicious hot food. Okay I lie, there was a McDonalds one night. But I'll stand by the hot.

MONTE with some of my hair

MCDONALDS with the cool kids

 Anywhoo, if you've managed to read this far, you deserve a cookie! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And now that I've rambled about me, what's up with you? Link me to anything I should see because I undoubtedly will be a fail-whale about catching up on everyone. But I hope you're all good because YOU ROCK!
And lastly, and belatedly,
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