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I have lots of thought at the minute, so bear with me as this might get a little rambly...

Lets start here. Last night Adam Lambert did a show as part of the Glam Nation tour. And it looked the best concert I'd never been to. For evidence, see these [TRUST ME, YOU NEED TO MAKE IT TO THE END OF HIS 20th CENTURY BOY COVER]:

Boy kissing, girl kissing, #TongueDiving, dirty back-bends, clothes getting ripped and THAT VOICE.

Boy kissing, douchebag cups and THAT VOICE

I know right! HOT AS HELL. The Adam fandom I'm a part of was so damn giddy with glee over his cutting lose like this. It's a performance style we expected from the man who gave us old Burning Man performances like this:

Nothing new, but awesome rock 'n' roll free for all energy that I haven't seen in a long time. LOL and it's really kind of nothing compared to the cutting Iggy Pop was doing on stage decades back or any of GG Allin's antics for fucks sake. It's not even new to Adam, he's been kissing and/or porno licking his bassist Tommy as part of the choreography for the song Fever ever night so far over 40 odd dates.

And yet today I find there's a small portion of Adam fans clutching their pearls. They're insistent that his behaviour is cheap, it makes him inauthentic and means he doesn't know who he is as an artist and that his career will crash and burn. Oh and they also have no sympathy if he catches a disease and can't sing anymore. Huh.

It got me to wondering. Is this a youth thing? Or is it that Adam was part of American Idol [will never not be funny] and they've never experienced anything outside that anemic bubble? There is a reason people say Adam trolled that show :D

Or is it, as I know I've asked before, that this view has gone out of fashion with so many people?
[*g* I am aware Adam makes POP music not ROCK music btw, but were talking behaviour and attitudes not sound]

And again, when did this notion of musical authenticity become so intertwined with just standing and singing and not putting on any kind of show? Why do they think that is more credible?

It's like we're going back in time to the 50's. As societies are becoming more liberal, are people becoming more conservative? I thought it might just be a lack of pop culture knowledge, but with the internet information is so readily available, cross cultural and immediate. You'd have to be completely un-curious about the world around you not to have picked up smething on musicians past.

I don't get it. What I do get is not liking it because it's not to your taste. But to have seemingly moral objections...?

And if you are a fan of Adam and are active on the internet, I'm gonna presume you know something about who he is onstage and what he likes to do. I mean no fan missed the AMA boys-on-leashes, crotch rubbing, boy kissing performance. So why choose now to ask him not to do what he does? And how can they not realise that not doing this would be more unauthentic for him? And why in the hell would you be a fan of someone who acts in ways that is morally repellent to you? Gah! And OMG THEIR LOGIC HAS ME SPINNING IN CIRCLES WHEN ALL I REALLY WANTED TO DO WAS UNF OVER ADAM AND ALL HIS EPIC HOTNESS :(

*g* This post was brought to you by very little sleep and the letters f and u.
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