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♥ YAY went to the summer Pride parade on Saturday. Had a little too much to drink, danced like an imbecile and saw lots of cute boys wearing not a lot of clothing.

♥ The amazing icon maker [livejournal.com profile] artvalue had another request post and she made me some fantastic icons! I got super excited because I now have this beautiful Meiko Kaji one from the film Lady Snowblood and I finally, FINALLY, got a Bill Hicks icon \o/. If you don't know who he was, aside from being my comedic love, let me point you this way.

♥ I am still way behind on big bang fics, but I spent yesterday making sure I commented on the ones I had read. I really should do it at the time, this is such a fail way. But YAY to fandom for being full of talented folks.

♥ HAHAHA watched the whole spn season 5 gag reel. Oh boys! Whenever I think I couldn't adore you more...Their faaaaces :D
"So I jerk off Jensen onto the ground and then I give him a shot in the face?"
♥ In not surprising news, Adam Lambert continues to be my favourite human being in existence. On 7th August, his concert in Springfield was due to be protested by the heinous westboro baptist church [this would not be the first time they've protested him, he gets to be a double whammy target for them by being, gasp, both gay and Jewish]. However due to size of the counter-protest by the wonderful people of that town, they never showed up.

♥ This is a video the counter-protesters made and it includes Adam showing up to thank them because he's one classy mofo.

♥ And Adam responded to the protest by doing this and telling westboro to suck it :D


♥ In conclusion: people can be amazing when it matters!

♥ I am currently drinking a Dr Pepper. It is delicious.

♥ How was your weekend?
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